KEVIN STOKES   Video/Audio Engineer-Video Controller-EIC  Director of Photography   

Los Angeles, California 


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Production Experience   1975 to 2017

41 years of Television Production Experience  with  more than 137 Networks Worldwide , for Studios, Production Companies, 
Network Entertainment, Sports, Network News, Commercial & Infomercial, Documentary, Independent Programs, Features 
Network Video/Audio  Engineer  Video Controller                                                                                                                               
Director of Photography
Director of Film-style Productions  
Production Consultant
Broadcast Journalism, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1974-78
Advanced Engineering, Sony HIDEF, Photography, Lighting, and Production Workshops 1985-2002
NABET  Local 31 Washington, D.C., Los Angeles  ABC, NBC
IATSE Local 600  International Cinematographers Guild - VC, Los Angeles   Industry Roster
Production Skills
Video Engineering in Production to include HIDEF Camera Set-Up/Control for Live Shows, Studio - Location (17 years exp.)
Director of Photography (19 years exp.) Specializing in Film-Style Production 
Audio Engineering in Production  for Live and Taped Shows Studio/Location
Hand-held film-style Photography 
Gaffer - Lighting Director Location - Studio for Video and Film
Aerial Photography using Gyro zoom Lenses and Tyler Mounts
Steady cam, Dollies, Jibs, Camera Cranes
Employment / Freelance History
Video Engineer EIC, President Sunset Video Engineering, Los Angeles 2002-2011
Video Engineer-VC,  V1, V2; FOX NETWORK and FOX SPORTS (1991-2003)
Video Engineer-VC,  V1; National Mobile Television, Los Angeles, California (2001-2003)
Video Engineer-VC,  V1; CBS SPORTS, Los Angeles, Ca. (2001-2003)
Video/Audio Engineer-VC,   Cameraman; ABC SPORTS, ABC NEWS (1984  2003)
Video/ Audio Engineer-VC,  Cameraman for 12 Foreign Networks in Washington, D.C. (1983-1991)
Video Engineer-VC,  V1, Director of Photography; BET, Washington, D.C. (1994  2003)
Video/Audio Engineer-VC,  V2, Cameraman; NBC NEWS, MSNBC Washington, D.C.   (1997  2003)
Director of  Photography ;  FOX ENTERTAINMENT, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles  (1986  2003)
Video Engineer-VC,  V1,V2, Director of Photography; ESPN 1, ESPN 2 (1990  2003)
Video Engineer-VC,  V1, V2; PMTV SPORTS (1999 2003)
Director of Photography,  Digital Audio Editing Engineer; Advanced Television Technology Center, PBS Headquarters,                                                                                                                                  Alexandria, Va. (2000 2001) 
Director of Photography/Cameraman, Video Engineer,  V1; Atlantic Video: Washington, D.C.(1992-  2001) 
Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Sound Engineer;  Kevin Stokes Productions, Alexandria Va. (1990  2001)
Director of Photography, Gaffer/Lighting Director;  Boni Productions, Washington, D.C. (1984  2001)
Director of Photography, Gaffer/Lighting Director, Sound Engineer;  Yellow Cat Productions Inc. Washington DC (1985  2000)
President, Owner, Director of Photography, Senior Producer, Editor;  Washington Video Incorporated, Alexandria, Virginia                                                                                                                                                  (1984-1991)
Director of Photography, Editor, Engineer;  National Color Incorporated, Falls Church, Va. (1981-1984)
Cameraman, Technical Director, Associate Engineer, Editor;   Newhouse Broadcasting, Lincoln, Nebraska  (1975-1978)    

1975  to 2009
Owner of Washington Video Inc. I employed an Ikegami HL79 EAL Camera Package with Arri Lighting, Chroizel 4x4 Matte Box/Filters, Schoeps Audio and full grip package shooting as a Director of Photography, Senior Producer, Editor, 6 years experience with company.  Traveled throughout most of United States, Asia, South America, and Europe shooting News, Sports Documentaries, Entertainment, Training, Medical and Corporate Television Programs. Also, was a Production Consultant-Director of Photography to many Fortune 500 Corporate Television Studios  (see Client List : Corporate)
Freelancer-Contractor-Employee for 40 Networks; Domestic and International in Washington, D.C.   I shot Live/Taped News and Feature Stories with Network Reporters and Anchors in the Studio and on  Location. Also have been 1st and 2nd Video Engineer for hundreds of National Network Broadcasts.
27 Years Experience in Video Production Engineering: 
Chipping and Shading-Camera Control, 
Studio  and  Location  Camera Set Up and Alignment (Bench/Test) Cameras: Ikegami, Sony, High Def, Hitachi , Panasonic 
and BTS.          
Booking, Routing and Control of Frame-Syncs for SAT Feeds for Network Shows.
Audio Engineer: A1, A2, Studio-Location for Live and Taped Shows     
Video Assist: Set Up and Operation for Film Productions  
Video-Audio Engineer-Cameraman.
 Responsibilities: All Video and Audio, Transmission, Lighting for ABC, NBC News, 
 ESPN 1 & 2, BET, Speedvision and Channel 13 Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Networks: V1, Responsibilities: Complete Set-Up and Operation of Multi-Camera Production  for  Network  News, 
Entertainment, Sports, Talk Shows, Infomercials, Political, Performances, Blue Screen, Feature
Gaffer-Lighting Director: High-End Production  for Studio-Location Entertainment, News, Corporate, Interviews, 
Documentary and Film
DOD Combat Pictorial Unit for the Department of Defense, Fort Meade, Maryland 
 4 Years Experience Teaching Video Production Including: Advanced Camera  Techniques, Lighting 
Recipient of 13 Local, Regional and National Awards to include an Emmy for Fab Four DVD

1975 to 2016